On the Road Less Traveled… There’s No Toilet Paper

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On the Road Less Traveled… There’s No Toilet Paper

Never underestimate the value of quality packing. Take it from me, accumulating all that you will need and packing a (singular, as in one) suitcase to carry you through two to three weeks of travel is truly an art form. That said, what’s more important is what you pack on your carry-on. Because, let’s face it, at some point you’re going to wind up in Kathmandu without your luggage. So there are a few key items I simply never leave home without. Clean panties. Keens. Fresh wipes. And toilet paper.

Toilet paper. I’m not kidding here. Some people will tell you it is an extra set of clothes or maybe even a toothbrush that deserves carry-on status, but on a short term basis, you can live without those things. But toilet paper? Let’s just say I personally consider it to be somewhat irreplaceable, although in some parts of the world it is actually a high priced luxury item. That’s not to say that it isn’t ever available. In fact some places will sell you three one ply squares for a couple of local dollars but, I don’t know, sometimes I just feel the need to have more than three squares. Ya know… like those times when I don’t want to get my hand wet.

Insider tip: God bless, REI. Rather than squishing your double-ply charmin into valuable camera space, REI makes an adorable little roll that comes in it’s own plastic case, perfect to tuck into your belly bag or fanny pack for easy access on the go.

Get it?? “On the go”. 

REI Travel Toilet Tissue

I heard you snicker, ”Did she just say belly bag?” Yes, I did… and while it’s not something that I would use in a big city — it does have a tendency to make me look like a nerd — not having to dig through a backpack or purse searching for… whatever, makes the belly bag a huge hit in my book. But bags are another topic entirely. You can read about them here.

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